There are times when I wish I could cross-stitch faster, especially when I have several great project ideas and I’m really impatient to finish what I’m working on to start with the next one. In order to overcome that problem, I had to think of things I could do to […]

Five Tips to Stitch Faster and Better

About 20 years ago, J.K. Rowling published her first book in the Harry Potter series starting a worldwide phenomenon. Adults and children alike have been obsessed with the young wizard and his friends’ stories and their fight against You-Know-Who. We’ve shared their ups and downs, heartbreaks and griefs and some […]

Round-Up: Our Favorite Harry Potter Patterns

If you’re interested in other crafts besides cross-stitching, you may want to check out the following offer by Annie’s Store. Starting today and through Friday, they are offering 10 classes for 10$ each. Classes are video based and have their corresponding list of supplies for the class project you will complete […]

Until June 9: Annie’s Classes Offer: 10 for 10$! [Ended]

Elli Jenks - BrightSea Express Feature
Are you tired of sticking to the traditional cross-stitch patterns and finishings? Here’s a new challenge you can take on: 3D Cross Stitching! Don’t be alarmed: 3D Cross Stitching is not an entirely new technique: you’re already doing it when you turn any piece into a cube or a card. […]

3D Cross Stitching

cross-stitching magazines
Cross-stitching magazines are still of value in the life of a cross-stitcher. They offer patterns, tutorials, advice and plenty of tips and tricks and finishing ideas! Even though you can still buy them at your local craft stores or bookstore, a lot of these magazines have made the jump to the […]

Looking for Cross-Stitching Magazines?

clearance sale
Who doesn’t love a good sale? Starting May 17th and all through the month of May, Annie’s Craft Store is holding one of its largest sales of the year. Since it’s a clearance sale, you will be able to save up to 60% on a selection of 800 different  items including […]

Annie’s Biggest Sale of the Year [Ended]

Are you a pattern designer? A cross-stitcher? Are you also knowledgeable in online crafts, design, etc… basically anything handmade or vintage? You can start making money and profiting off of your skill! Etsy is a marketplace focusing on unique handmade and vintage items. You can buy items or simply sell […]

Start selling on Etsy: How to Create an Etsy Store

Interview Pattern Designer - DMC Inside
Last week we had a small discussion with pattern designer Katherine Martin Tripp from Better Cross Stitch Patterns. In this second part of the interview, we will discuss in-depth her design process, color selection and finalizing the pattern design.   Can you guide us through the step-by-step process you take […]

Interview with a Pattern Designer – Part 2