About 20 years ago, J.K. Rowling published her first book in the Harry Potter series starting a worldwide phenomenon. Adults and children alike have been obsessed with the young wizard and his friends’ stories and their fight against You-Know-Who. We’ve shared their ups and downs, heartbreaks and griefs and some […]

Round-Up: Our Favorite Harry Potter Patterns

If you’re interested in other crafts besides cross-stitching, you may want to check out the following offer by Annie’s Store. Starting today and through Friday, they are offering 10 classes for 10$ each. Classes are video based and have their corresponding list of supplies for the class project you will complete […]

Until June 9: Annie’s Classes Offer: 10 for 10$! [Ended]

Elli Jenks - BrightSea Express Feature
Are you tired of sticking to the traditional cross-stitch patterns and finishings? Here’s a new challenge you can take on: 3D Cross Stitching! Don’t be alarmed: 3D Cross Stitching is not an entirely new technique: you’re already doing it when you turn any piece into a cube or a card. […]

3D Cross Stitching

cross-stitching magazines
Cross-stitching magazines are still of value in the life of a cross-stitcher. They offer patterns, tutorials, advice and plenty of tips and tricks and finishing ideas! Even though you can still buy them at your local craft stores or bookstore, a lot of these magazines have made the jump to the […]

Looking for Cross-Stitching Magazines?

clearance sale
Who doesn’t love a good sale? Starting May 17th and all through the month of May, Annie’s Craft Store is holding one of its largest sales of the year. Since it’s a clearance sale, you will be able to save up to 60% on a selection of 800 different  items including […]

Annie’s Biggest Sale of the Year [Ended]

Are you a pattern designer? A cross-stitcher? Are you also knowledgeable in online crafts, design, etc… basically anything handmade or vintage? You can start making money and profiting off of your skill! Etsy is a marketplace focusing on unique handmade and vintage items. You can buy items or simply sell […]

Start selling on Etsy: How to Create an Etsy Store

Interview Pattern Designer - DMC Inside
Last week we had a small discussion with pattern designer Katherine Martin Tripp from Better Cross Stitch Patterns. In this second part of the interview, we will discuss in-depth her design process, color selection and finalizing the pattern design.   Can you guide us through the step-by-step process you take […]

Interview with a Pattern Designer – Part 2

Interview Pattern Designer - Feature 1
How many times did you spend hours online looking for your next cross-stitching project’s pattern and never finding one that was good enough? How many times did you wish you could stitch the exact image you have in mind? As someone who could barely draw and zero color coordination skills, […]

Interview with a Pattern Designer – Part 1