Get your Cross-Stitch Supplies for Less with the AliExpress Anniversary Sale [Ended]


About two weeks ago, I told you about my experience shopping from Ali Express. While the merchandise sold on the website often gets a bad reputation, I was quite satisfied with what I received. I bought 50 colored floss, 12 needles, fabric and a pair of scissors all for under 25$.

It was brought to my attention that Ali Express was holding a special Anniversary sale. Even though I caught it a bit late, I still thought it would be an interesting share. You can get supplies and kits for even less if you purchase items before the Anniversary sale expires.

When it comes to Arts & Crafts and particularly cross-stitching, you can always find several good catches. Here are the main product categories to check out: Kits, Needles, Aida cloth, Floss and Patterns. However, you should note that some items are sometimes located in several categories. So, I browsed them to find a few products with good feedback and that you could find interesting. Since the sale is almost over, I’m going to keep updating this article as I find well reviewed items. Also, the product below are only one to which the Anniversary Sales applies.

Disclaimer: I haven’t personally purchased these products yet so I cannot vouch for them. Item selection is based on number of orders (more than 500) and 5 star feedback. This blog post may contain affiliate links. For more information, check out our Affiliate Disclosure.



Four Seasons Trees Counted Cross Stitch Kit for Home Decor


Diamond embroidery landscape Snow night pattern with rhinestones Kit


A Family of Bears Patterns Counted Cross-Stitching Kit


First Kiss Cross-Stitch Kit


Swans Counted Cross-Stitch Kits


Mermaid Pattern Counted Cross-Stitch Kit


The Old Married Couple Counted Cross Stitch Kit


Seascape Outside the Window Counted Cross Stitch Kit


Other Supplies

100 x Plastic Embroidery Thread Bobbins for Storage


Square Shaped Embroidery Hoops


Gold Stork Sewing Scissors


4 x Erasable Pens for Fabric Marking


Happy shopping!

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