Are you a pattern designer? A cross-stitcher? Are you also knowledgeable in online crafts, design, etc… basically anything handmade or vintage? You can start making money and profiting off of your skill! Etsy is a marketplace focusing on unique handmade and vintage items. You can buy items or simply sell […]

Start selling on Etsy: How to Create an Etsy Store

Interview Pattern Designer - DMC Inside
Last week we had a small discussion with pattern designer Katherine Martin Tripp from Better Cross Stitch Patterns. In this second part of the interview, we will discuss in-depth her design process, color selection and finalizing the pattern design.   Can you guide us through the step-by-step process you take […]

Interview with a Pattern Designer – Part 2

Interview Pattern Designer - Feature 1
How many times did you spend hours online looking for your next cross-stitching project’s pattern and never finding one that was good enough? How many times did you wish you could stitch the exact image you have in mind? As someone who could barely draw and zero color coordination skills, […]

Interview with a Pattern Designer – Part 1

Cross-stitching, like any other type of hobby, has its own evolution and progress throughout history. When you think of the history of cross-stitching, the image of young girls in the middle age being yelled at by their nannies about how their stitches are uneven may pop up in your head. Here are […]

7 Fun Facts About the History of Cross-Stitching

Online Cross-Stitch Class
With all the multitude of online resources online, there is nothing than a well structured class to put you on track. If you are a beginner and are looking for an online cross-stitch class, why don’t you head on to Annie’s Catalog of Online Classes? Annie’s Catalog is a website […]

Looking for an Online Cross-Stitch Class?

childhood memory
When I first launched this website, my main goal was to help others learn about cross-stitching and how to do it. To a lot of people, cross-stitching is part of an old forgotten childhood memory. However, since cross-stitching is becoming popular once again, it seemed like the perfect time to share […]

Interview: Cross-Stitching, a Childhood Memory

washing your cross-stitch
Congratulations! You just finished your project! Now before rushing to frame it or turn it into a pillow or whichever finishing idea you have in mind, you will have to begin by washing your cross-stitch.   Why wash your cross-stitch? No matter how hard you were careful or cared for […]

Washing your Cross-Stitch Project

Did you come across a three-quarter stitch in your pattern? If you know how to do a half-stitch and a quarter stitch, then you will easily be able to do a three-quarter stitch.   What is a three-quarter stitch used for? Usually, the three-quarter stitch is used for the extra […]

How to Do a Three-Quarter Stitch

first cross-stitch project
When I first started cross-stitching a little over a decade ago, I ended up throwing my first project away. I had no idea what I was doing and didn’t have proper internet to find helpful resources online as a newbie. While at a toy store, I spotted a kit with […]

5 Reasons Why my First Cross-Stitch Project Was a Failure