3D Cross Stitching

Are you tired of sticking to the traditional cross-stitch patterns and finishings? Here’s a new challenge you can take on: 3D Cross Stitching! Don’t be alarmed: 3D Cross Stitching is not an entirely new technique: you’re already doing it when you turn any piece into a cube or a card. However, some people are taking it even further by creating 3D cross-stitched houses, castles, trees, etc…

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Some 3D Project Ideas

If you’re a beginner stitcher, you can start with the simple box. You don’t need a lot of supplies for that so it’s a nice way to gradually introduce yourself to 3D stitching techniques.

Turning cards into 3D projects is another way to spice up your greeting messages with a few additional elements.

If you feel you’re up to the challenge, you can get kits for more elaborate products such as trees or houses. The complexity of these types of projects however need a lot of patience. Kits will usually have instructions a long to facilitate the process.


Featured 3D Cross-Stitch Kits and Patterns

Robin’s Designs

If you go to Robin’s Designs website, you will find a large collection of 3D Cross Stitch Projects as well as the more traditional kits. While the main 3D Patterns are related to dolls, you can also find animals, ornaments as well as a special treat for Doctor Who fans!

After purchasing a pattern, you will receive a downloadable PDF file usually containing the pattern, the floss list in your choice of DMC, Anchor or Madeira as well as instructions about sewing the final project. You can also check out her Etsy store.

Robin's Designs - Albus DumbledoreRobin's Designs - Moon and GlobeRobin's Designs - Groat the GoatRobin's Designs - Mini TARDISRobin's Designs - Caffeine
Albus Dumbledore DollMoon and Globe in 3DGroat the GoatMini TardisPeriodic Element Caffeine Ornament
The doll is stitched as 6 pieces which are then cut out and sewn together. Full assembly directions are included plus instructions to make the wand.The sphere is stitched as 1 piece which is then cut out and sewn together. Full assembly directions with photos are included. The animal is stitched as 21 pieces which are then cut out and sewn together. Full assembly directions with illustrations are included. With this pattern you can make your own three dimensional TARDIS.If you want to try 3D cross stitch, but want to start on something easy, this pattern is for you!


Cherry Parker Patterns

Not only is Cherry Parker a pattern designer but she is also a published author of several cross-stitch related books. Her 3D cross-stitch patterns are very simple to do and therefore perfect for beginners who want to give it a go. After stitching the base design, the remaining sections are stitched, stiffened and attached to the base. Visit her Etsy store to see her entire supply of patterns.

Cherry Parker - Oranges and LemonsCherry Parker - Window Box RosesCherry Parker - Welcome
Oranges and LemonsWindow Box RosesWelcome
I particularly like the suggested addition of real cloves and cinnamon sticks to the piece! Spicy!A very colorful 3D pattern for beginners.The perfect project for your first 3D cross stitching attempt


Elli Jenks

If you want to stitch an entire village, Elli Jenks has the patterns for you! Her BrightSea 3D collection contains 19 different patterns of all the different elements that make up a village: little cottages, a pet shop, a florist, a fire station, a railway station, a lighthouse and even a school bus! With each pattern purchase, you will receive a black and white symbol the chart, as well as a colored picture, recommended stitching and finishing instructions. This is the project to choose if you want to go all out!

Elli Jenks - CarouselElli Jenks - Ice Cream VanElli Jenks - The Bread ShopElli Jenks - BrightSea ExpressElli Jenks - School House
The CarouselThe Ice Cream VanThe Bread ShopThe BrightSea ExpressThe School House


If you want to see the entire collection, just visit her Etsy store or the BrightSea 3D section.


Have you tried doing 3D cross stitch projects? Let us know in the comments below!

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