7 Cross Stitch Patterns on Etsy that are under 1$

Strapped on cash and still want to cross stitch? Looking for a cool pattern but don’t want to invest much? Here are cool cross stitch patterns under 1 USD that can be found on Etsy. (Listed prices are as of the date this post got published)

These patterns are in digital format and you will receive an instant download PDF as soon as you purchase it.


1- Celtic Cross

Celtic Cross

I’m a sucker for Celtic designs. They feel intricate with all the curves and knots!

Get it on Etsy for 0.72$ from the LovefromRhi store


2- Bouquet of Spring

Bouquet of Spring

Flower patterns are aplenty on Etsy. Might as well not invest in an expensive one!

Get it on Etsy for 1$ from the CrossStitchPatternAn store


3- Plaid Penguin

Plaid Penguin

This fashionable penguin pattern can also be a good investment for a Christmas ornament.

Get it on Etsy for 0.50$ from SassiStitchBoutique Store


4- Easter Bunny

Easter Bunny

Easter only happens once a year. For these type of occasions, there’s no need to pay a fortune to find a good design.

Get it on Etsy for 0.8$ from CrossStitchMriya Store


5- Lovers of Beavers

Lovers of beavers

Aren’t they the cutest thing you’ve seen?

Get it on Etsy for 0.99$ from PatternsCrossStitch Store


6- Fox Cross Stitch

Fox Cross Stitch Pattern

A simple two color fox designs. Avoid using white fabric for this one!

Get it on Etsy for 0.80$ from CrossStitchMriya Store


7- Koala Cross Stitch

Koala Cross Stitch

Aren’t koalas everyone’s favorite animal?

Get it on Etsy for 0.80$ from CrossStitchMriya Store

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